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Sunglo® Feed Show Gilt [Non-Medicated]

Sunglo® dealer in Oklahoma - 56 Feed Co in Newkirk, OK

A must use feed to maximize the genetic potential of your breeding unit, that contains fiber to improve bloom & fill. A meal feed designed for 100 lb. and greater body weight breeding gilts to develop correctly in structure, capacity and growth.

Ideal carbohydrate balance: Improves show pig performance due to a better gut environment from ideal balance of starch, sugar and fiber from start to finish. Keeps your pigs on feed, on schedule and performing their best with superior energy metabolism, gut condition, stool consistency and more.

Ideal Amino Acid balance: Supports the immense muscle mass in show pigs by providing enhanced amino acid levels, including digestible lysine and five other important amino acids ratio to lysine, all balanced to support lean growth.

Innovative ingredients: Improves feed intake and performance. Tightened formulation designs – in combination with ongoing world-class research – set a new industry standard for keeping your show pigs at the head of their class.

Active Nutrient Supply: Nourishes show pigs through elevated nutrient, enhanced nutrient availability and superior balance for unprecedented performance in show pigs at every stage.

Show Micronutrients: Supports strong bone growth and immense muscle mass in superior show pigs from start to finish, including vitamins like vitamin E, vitamin D, and biotin and minerals like digestible phosphorus, potassium, chromium and zinc. All balanced to maximize show pig performance.

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein: 17.00%
Fat: 6.00%
Fiber: 4.00%
Lysine: 1.00%
Medication: NON-MED
Form: Meal